Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baby Ben

Babies are a special gift that make your life complete
they're the topic of conversation when friends and family meet

Babies add the spice to life and give your home it's glow
they bring anticipation as you wait and watch them grow

What could be more wondrous then welcoming a newborn in
and holding that tiny hand as you show him to your kin

Hold fast and close this moment someday when he's full grown
you'll look back in reverie at the memories you own


  1. Very cute poem for someone so cute. Lily's picture is just below his last one and it's amazing how much they look alike! She could be his sister.

  2. You're right, Mom. They do look a lot alike. Same face shape, chin, nose, and eye color.

  3. Thanks for the lovely poem! Well, if Ben turns out as cute as Lily, I'll be a happy camper.