Wednesday, February 29, 2012

To Raymond

To Raymond
Our Love Story

In the year nineteen forty seven
We said our marraige vow,
Now it's sixty five years later-
Take a look at us now!
Thwre's silver in our hair
And a slowness in our stride,
There have been many changes
Since you took me as your bride.
Still we've weathered all the changes,
To make it to this day,
And through our joys and sorrows
Love has always lead the way!
With family, friends, and faith,
With strength from God above-
Our story is unending
The story of our love!

Jessie Savage Ellis
February 27, 2012


March the first- the 65th Anniversary of our marriage. What a ride! We have had ups and downs, but at this stage of our lives- the ups seem to outnumber the downs!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christmas In Texas

Christmas in Texas was special this year
Because of the children we had here-
There was Lily the diva, and Ben the Wild Child,
Who played and jumped where pillows were piled!

With toy vacuums the kids swept the floor
They rode their tricycles and so much more

Sharon had trees of all colors and sizes,
Toys and trinkets, all sorts of devises!

Mike was the chef - who did things up right,
We ate and we drank all day and all night-
Jaimee baked pies with Lily as her aide
Jaysa cleaned up the mess we all made!

Then, time came for our final goodbye
When you're having fun, time surely does fly-

So Christmas is gone for another year,
But don't despair - it'll come again next year!