Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Renaissance
If you are old,weak,-or tired like me,
Then The Renaissance is the place to be,
The rooms are spacious with cleaning included-
Salesmen and peddlers are strictly precluded.
Meals are served with stylish grace-
No waiting lines for residents to face!
Fruits,sweets, and coffee are inbetween treats,
There are ice cream socials and popcorn to eat!
Entertainment is often and well received
By attendees who are most happily pleased.
The Social Director plans trips out to eat,
And Casino trips for those on their feet-
There are exercise classes to keep you fit
And lounging places to just visit and sit.
A salon is in house, for beauty's sake -
The library is open- with books to take.
There's resident meetings to air your views,
There are announcements made, to apprise you of news,
So if keeping house is becoming too much-
If you can no longer cook, clean, and such,
Then visit The Renaissance and you will see-
Why it's the perfect place you need to be!
Jessie Savage Ellis
September 23, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

When Pop and I married, things wereso different than today. Our wedding shower netted things like pillow cases, cookware, sheets, a clock, coffee pot, and seven cream and sugars!
I had dishes of varing degrees of patterns and very inexpensive. I wanted some pretty china more than anything.
I started a change jar. I put change that Pop left in his pocket until I had enough to buy a piece or two of china. Then, I started looking for some that I liked. I found this blue print Haviland and fell in love. I bought a few pieces at a time. When I had four plates I had to have a dinner and set my table with my china. I felt so up town! I keep adding until I got the whole set.
Our family doctor and his wife became our close friends and we began celebrating our birthdays and all the holidays together. Shirley's birthday came at Thanksgiving, so I always had Thanksgiving dinner and her birthday dinner together. I would get out my white linen table cloth and my Haviland china and spread my table. The doctor said I made the best dressing he ever ate.
We always had Christmas dinner at the Doctor's. Still , I would carry a few dishes and I would use my Haviland bowl and Platter as transport, One Christmas, the Doctor and Shirley gave us chrystal glasses with sterling rims and a sterling E on them. Boy did I think I had a table then.
I never tired of feeding people with my pretty china and my glasses.
Now, I have passed my china to my grand daughter and hope she will be as proud to use them as I was. Maybe one day our sweet Lily will use them. That would make thses old folks very happy!