Friday, May 7, 2010

Our Alero

We owned an old gray Oldsmobile and it was past its prime
when Michael gave us an Alero, the gift was just in time
We took great pride in our new car and it surely served us well
if that old car had a voice, the stories it could tell
of trips to the emergency room, when our ills came in the night
and visits to our family, when the time was right
Pop kept our car in good repair, never let the gas run low
he wanted it to always shine, his pride was quick to show
But time and age overtook us, Pop's driving came to an end
and tho our car still ran fine, we needed to give up our friend
Our grand-daughter could use a car to drive her sons to play
and pick up groceries and goods, while her husband worked each day
So why not send our car to her, our Alero could still live on
adding chapters to its life before its usefulness is gone

Jessie Savage Ellis
April 29, 2010

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